Anonymous asked:

Hello! I was wondering, according to you : am I going to hell ? (I'm a protestant) God bless you!

iheartbeingacatholic answered:

according to me?  I never said anyone is going to hell.   lol

on a more serious note - only God knows who will make it heaven.  Some of us (eg saints etc) will go to heaven; others will end up in purgatory to be refined before they can be allowed into heaven…..perhaps, others will go to hell?  God has the final say -  however, why take a chance?

Be a saint!  what else is there?!  #StraightPassToHeaven


Anonymous asked:

Literally you are arguing the exact opposite things with the breast feeding shit and the modesty shit. Modesty. Is. Slut. Shaming. It doesn't Matter what your standards are, don't push them on other people. As long as you don't believe in the whole "cover myself up so men don't stare at me more" stuff. You know? All of your arguments are redundant.

alwaysabeautifullife answered:

Did your ask literally contain the words “as long as you don’t believe…”

Right, don’t push my beliefs or standards onto other people, says the person on anon in my inbox pushing their beliefs onto me. Pretty sure it is my right to be modest regardless of how much it offends you.

But I’m redundant anon.

Your argument is I don’t have a right to have the right to have particular rights because it isn’t my right since you don’t think my right is right.

I don’t have to ask your permission to practice modesty. I’m confused are you telling me that I do not have the right to cover up my body because other women don’t? Not to mention, how can you claim to have self respect but then refer to an insult of your life style “slut shaming?” Are you implying women who do not dress modestly are “sluts” because I find that extremely offensive. Women who do not dress modestly are not “sluts”, and your language implies that.

I don’t think the problem is me dressing how I want and living how I want, but rather women who use language like “slut shaming” to describe people who disagree with immodest clothing.