Anonymous asked:

I'm glad you're feeling good today! Could you please say a prayer for me because I have a lot of big things going on right now and I just feel a little lost and confused? I'd really appreciate it.

I totally understand and yes I will be praying for you :) I’m always here for you person. God bless you <3




I am definitely cool with getting abortion clinics shut down in your area but if you are doing that you have to also be setting up a support system for the women in desperate situations who were seeking abortion. Being pro-life does not mean only stopping abortion. We should be doing what we can to help people have better options.

IF ONLY PEOPLE WOULD DO SOME RESEARCH!!! There are SO many places that would love to talk to women and mamas! There are so many outreach centers and support groups! There ARE people trying their hardest to help, but they get slammed by pro-abortionists and it is hard for them to advertise because many of these places are NON- PROFIT! (unlike abortion centers who are only interested in your bank account!) Here are some awesome pro-life centers and there are millions more if you just do some looking around: